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Mecum Classic Car Auction- Kissimmee 2013

Here’s some coverage of the Mecum Kissimmee 2013, there were some great cars and as always a great time.  Here’s a few pics of some cars that stood out to me out of 3,000; that was a lot of walking! Prices seemed to be up from last year, and there was 500 more cars too.




1965 VW 21-window Bus Paint and Body resto

Hi all, I’m WAY behind on updating our builds so here’s to catching up. Here is the 1965 VW 21-window Bus we recently completed. Be sure to post your comments or questions, I’d love to here from you. Enjoy!

2012-06-15 15.55.21

2012-06-15 18.09.41

2012-07-02 20.20.55

2012-07-02 20.21.10

2012-07-02 20.21.20

2012-07-27 17.13.53

2012-07-27 17.14.15

2012-07-28 11.44.02

2012-07-28 11.44.11

2012-07-30 14.54.45

2012-07-30 15.49.16

2012-07-30 15.49.47

2012-08-01 10.52.13

2012-08-01 10.52.31

2012-08-01 10.52.51

2012-08-01 10.53.13

2012-08-01 10.53.28

2012-08-02 19.33.48

2012-08-02 19.34.20

2012-08-02 19.34.30

2012-08-03 16.48.10

2012-08-07 22.10.38

2012-08-07 22.11.10

2012-08-07 22.11.25

2012-08-08 12.17.04

2012-08-08 12.17.13

2012-08-08 12.17.27

2012-08-08 12.35.14

2012-08-11 17.53.11

2012-08-11 17.53.33

2012-08-13 19.09.26

2012-08-13 19.09.33

2012-08-13 19.09.46

2012-08-16 08.18.24

2012-08-16 08.18.48

2012-08-16 11.12.25

2012-08-16 11.12.37

2012-08-16 18.52.14

2012-08-16 18.52.24

2012-08-16 21.29.00

2012-08-16 21.29.16

2012-08-17 17.11.49

2012-08-17 17.12.33

2012-08-17 17.12.46

2012-08-17 17.13.00

2012-08-17 18.05.45

2012-08-17 18.05.52

2012-08-17 18.06.20

2012-08-17 18.06.34

2012-08-24 17.59.35

2012-08-24 17.59.44

2012-08-24 17.59.51

2012-08-25 09.44.44

2012-08-25 11.59.13

2012-08-27 19.40.25

2012-08-27 19.40.46

2012-08-27 19.41.08

2012-08-27 22.51.18

2012-08-27 22.51.30

2012-08-27 22.51.48

2012-08-27 22.51.54

2012-08-28 07.55.55

2012-08-28 07.56.02

2012-08-28 07.56.18

2012-08-28 07.56.29

2012-08-28 13.59.24

2012-08-28 13.59.47

2012-08-28 15.52.39

2012-08-28 15.55.50

2012-08-28 15.56.11

2012-08-28 16.23.13

2012-10-02 11.33.46

2012-10-02 11.33.58

2012-10-04 14.11.35

2012-10-04 14.11.48

2012-10-04 14.12.05

2012-10-04 14.12.34

2012-10-04 16.35.12

2012-10-04 16.35.23

2012-10-04 16.35.31

2012-10-04 16.35.50

2012-10-04 16.36.03

2012-10-04 16.36.21

R U Faster Than a Redkneck

Here is a promo for the new series on SPEED channel showcasing Pro-Touring Muscle Cars built in the fashion that we have started building for sale to the general public.  Check it out!



Project Coberati: Marrying a Maserati GranTurismo S to a 65′ Shelby Cobra

What do you get when you cross a Maserati GranTurismo S drivetrain with a 65′ Shelby Cobra?  Stay tuned to find out.  ImageImageImage

Driving Impressions: The e90 M-sport

BMW e90 M-sport

BMW e90 M-sport

It’s no secret I love BMW’s, and especially the M line of cars.  In my opinion, M cars are today’s modern version of muscle cars except they can turn at the end of a straightaway.  While the e90/92/93 M3 is an incredible machine, the M-sport variant of the 328i/335i has a lot of the “bang” of the M3 much less “buck”.

Honestly, as much as I love the latest M3, I found myself feeling less connected to the road (mainly if the M suspension wasn’t on the “Sport” setting) and the car felt heavier and less svelte than the previous e46 M3.  The e90/e92 M-sport splits the difference and provides a user-friendly daily commuter capable of 30+ mpg that is ready for weekend track-day use out of the box.  The car feels light and responsive without feeling dodgy.

BMW Sport Seats

BMW Sport Seats

Although the seats are standard BMW sport package fair, they provide excellent support while the M-tuned suspension shows you why you need those high bolsters.   The seats are sporty and comfortable and hold you in place and are infinitely adjustable.

The 6-speed manual transmission shifts like butter and thanks to the M supplied short throw shifter you hit the gears faster and with more accurately   The brakes are great and the steering is precise and weighted perfectly while the thick steering wheel from the M3 reminds you what this car is built to do.

I Road-tripped this car from Atlanta to St. Louis and I averaged 32 mpg averaging speeds from 70-80 (plus a few jaunts “slightly” faster) and next day I smirked to myself as I pulled up to the local VW dealer where they had a big banner touting the new TDI’s economy  “ATL to STL on one tank!”; I made it to just outside of St. Louis before stopping to fill up, sans diesel.   On the long haul the car was comfortable and as with other 3-series cars the ergonomics are intelligent and interior is well layed out with the exception of the window switches; being 6’4″ I sit further back than most so I often hit the rear window switch while going for the front however I doubt this would be an issue for a more average-sized driver.

So it’s an economical, comfortable daily driver but so is the base, non-sport 3; where this car stands out is on the twisties.   This car comes alive on windy back country roads and loves sweeping curves followed up with switchbacks and elevation changes. It feels firmly planted and almost seems to have no limit, or it lets you get right to the edge without getting into trouble.  Either this car makes you a better driver, or it makes you feel like it; either way it’s a blast to drive!

BMW M-sport interior

BMW M-sport interior with seats that are comfortable yet ready for the race track, the unmistakable M steering wheel and M short throw shifter.

The M package gets you the aforementioned suspension upgrades plus an M body kit consisting of front & rear fascia, side skirts, M steering wheel, short throw shifter with M know, M logo’d door sills,  and M specific wheels.  It is equipped to turn heads as well as it turns corners.

I’m glad BMW is still making performance cars for the average Joe enthusiast and are able to do so in a car that can serve double duty as a commuter car.  If you’re salivating over the M3 but have a Honda Civic budget look no further!

-Brett Nelson

The “Car Guy”


BMW e92 M3 review

BMW e92 M3 review

The latest (and soon to be replaced) M-variant of the BMW 3-series has struck a chord with me. It is one of the best looking cars out there, no doubt. Beyond the muscular looks lies the heart of a race car, or a comfortable daily driver, depending on how you have the “M” settings set (think Jekyll and Hyde).  This car is a comfortable cruiser with the top down as the supple leather seats comfortably hold you in place while the navigation guides you wherever you want to go, clicking through the classical music on your iPod (through the built-in interface) or the song from the exhaust is surely music to your ears. That all changes when you push a little “M” button on the steering wheel; It’s one of those little, unassuming buttons that make you ask yourself “Hmm, I wonder what this does”; and that’s when the song of the exhaust erupts into a scream of a banshee (or F1 car) and the suspension tightens, the steering and throttle response quicken and the mysterious “POWER” button lights up next to the shifter. We are now in a full on track car and all we did is push a little “M” button. Those massive breaks and M specific suspension pieces can now be exploited, and the car is now begging to be thrown into some twisties at speed. Without realizing it I was easily breaking 100 mph on corners that lesser cars must slow down to a mere walking pace. Everything piece of this car works perfectly in unison with each other, not any one aspect seems stronger or weaker than another. As quickly as this car gets up to speed, the brakes will consummately bring it back to a halt.

So, do you need to be Mario Andretti to properly drive this car? Absolutely not; thanks to the MDM (M Dynamic Mode) setting in the “M” settings this car will let you feel as if you are out there on the edge, even letting the rear slide a bit but if you get into trouble the car will step in (yes, I tested this). According to BMW, their top test driver was only able to best his lap time by .100 of a second compared to no assist from the M3.

Come see this car for your self or better yet, treat yourself and take it home with you and experience the “M” for yourself.

Let’s get this ball rolling!!!

OK, so I my last post was over a year ago announcing the official “Grand Opening”… I guess I’ve been busy (not complaining).  So, let’s recap the last (really the 1st) year for the “Car Guy”.  Business has been good and ever-expanding and I am now searching for a larger facility so I can store more inventory indoors and have some more office space for my new support staff.  I also plan to expand the service department capacity.

The “Buyer’s Concierge” service where I find a buyer their exact car they are looking for (think Realtor finding you your house, but a car) has been my big surprise; demand for this service is quickly becoming the most popular way to buy cars.  I have even been helping people who don’t live anywhere near my business find a car in one part of the country and deliver it to their doorstep in a totally different part of the country.  Kinda like for cars!

I am working on expanding my transport network so I can offer free shipping coast to coast and already offer free shipping to certain areas.  I have added Financing and extended warranties/service contracts to the suite of services I offer my customers.

As some of you have seen, I have expanded into the Exotic car market but don’t worry, I still sell VW’s too!

Stay tuned for updates and helpful tips about the car buying process and car care tips to keep your current car on the road!


The “Car Guy”